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Custom Outdoor Overhang

The idea was to have an outdoor kitchen, so in order to make sure that we didn’t have to span a bunch of posts, keeping it as a big open space, we decided to go with some steel posts and custom glue lam beams.

To make sure that we expand the entire length, we had massive footings to tie all of our custom steel posts. We went through and got them powder coated to match the rest of the format and color scheme for the rest of the house. It matches with the bronze railing the bronze paint on the entire project.

The pitched roof matches the tile roofing to the house, in keeping with the style and architectural features. There’s a custom cedar underneath the vaulted overhang that we’re going to finish and stain out. We decided to close off the back of the kitchen to create privacy from the neighbors, and give it a nice nice look.

We went with a custom ventless zero clearance fireplace that we’re doing stackable cultured stone on. There will be a full outdoor kitchen here along with all the appliances. There are nice custom countertops that match the stone itself, it has a little bit of motion to it so we actually ended up having to buy a few more slabs in order to make sure that we can match it. On these long countertop runs, you should make sure that the wave and motion on the countertops is all continuous.

Ultimate Outdoor Grilling Kitchen

Some of the equipment we have includes all Twin Eagles gas equipment. We’ve got the 36 inch burner underneath with the stainless steel access drawers. There’s an ice maker, and a sink.. A tankless electric water heater is installed for the outside that we wired in, so you have hot and cold supply. The water supply hooked up not just for the ice maker, but also an outdoor rated dishwasher.

There are a couple side burners and stovetop appliances that are also twin eagles that match. If you do a bit of grilling or sautéing, on the outside kitchen you have all of that available.

The zero clearance fireplace is in progress. We’ll put some fire glass in there and it actually has a side control where you can select the different colors of led lights as well as turn the gas supply on or off. All of this gas equipment is piped in, so we went through and upgraded the gas meter. So we had to install a couple big manifolds for all the gas equipment.

An exciting feature is the custom fire table with a 12 foot burner inset in the middle. There will be a glass guard installed on that to make sure that you can still eat around it safely.  All of the heaters are gas powered as well,  so we created custom blue lamps for the structure.

We were able to incorporate a lot of manufactured stone veneer into this build, which is extremely durable yet lighter than stone. You get the exact stone look, with a lighter weight so you can use it in applications like walls without extra structural reinforcements that might be needed if using a heavier material.

Custom Chainsaw Work

We finished it off right, with a knife plate install so you can see you don’t have these big bulky brackets on the outside.  Our carpenter and framer went through and took critical measurements to figure out exactly where those post and bolt hole locations are.

So what he’s able to do is cut out the top of that bracket that sits up and inside inserts into that blue lamp beam. Then we have the locations for those bolt holes marked out, then he’s able to drill through. There’s a custom freehand chainsaw work,  just to make it come out. It looks amazing!

We also have electrical so the entire kitchen is wired for for electrical. There are outlets and everything all standard code requirements for kitchen outlets and backsplash. Even a TV outlet up there, so the plan is when all the stone is finished they’re going to mount a large TV outside probably for football games.

Outdoor Connectivity

An ethernet cable runs to the outside, so the entire house is wired for continuous internet. We were able to continue that out here underground ran it up to the ceiling, installing an access point so the TV can run off the wi-fi. You can connect all your your apps and cell phones.

On the back side is uh we built a bar top so the whole countertop area is actually built in. Once the concrete was in we went through and laid the stem concrete down and  built a base frame. All the base cabinets are actually out of built out of masonry block. So we went through we laid all the format out and used the same cultured stone with some high strength mortar on the outside.

We  had the countertops all templated for the finished dimensions to include the stone. We did the bar top on the back side to maximize space and added a few stools.  One of the reasons we went with a fascia mounted railing was to give enough room for proper clearance from the bar. You can walk around and have enough room around stools, watch the game, and get some drinks.

We used the rest of the counter slabs for accent pieces on the tops of the fireball pillars. Custom shelves were made and a custom mantel. It’s a tube steel and gypsum board frame that’s bolted in to the wall and then what we were able to put miter corners on. Basically the entire mantel  is made out of the same countertops.

The pool was designed with a little spillover so once the pool’s running you’ll be able to continuously keep the hot tub fill on and then it’ll spill over. You get the nice sound. As an accent, we used the same stone on the outside of the hot tub to keep it continuous with all the rest of the features of the house.

All the pool controls as well as a smart control panel are built in, and there will be a poolside remote that ties into the smart panel. It has wireless access that connects to your smartphone, so you can warm it up on the drive home and have it ready when you arrive. So for the pool itself we’ve got a couple different LED lights that change color.

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