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Cultured Stone and Manufactured Veneer

Have you been hearing about alternatives to stone and wondered what is stone veneer? While we often install a great deal of natural stone and brick products, we also offer Manufactured Stone Veneer (MSV) products including Cultured Stone.
This manufactured stone veneer looks amazing and sometimes can present easier choices for the homeowner with color and style collections that remain consistent across your design aesthetic.
Cutting Edge employs master stone masons that perform the install work on MSV products, and they are meticulous in their attention to detail to ensure their stone work is installed properly.
Most siding companies don’t do stone veneer because most siding companies don’t do any other exterior work. By having the ability to install stone on accent walls or around entries or pillars sets Cutting Edge Contracting apart from our competitors.

What is Stone Veneer Used For?

You can add a nice modern touch of flair and sophistication with using all different types of stone as accents or full walls around your home. Cutting Edge Contracting regularly installs stone veneer to:
  • walls
  • accents
  • interior and exterior entries
  • stone pillars
  • columns
  • chimneys
  • exterior kitchens
  • table bases
  • garage surrounds

Often this MSV product will replace brick or stone work that is heavier or more expensive. We used this stone veneer on our outdoor dream kitchen project.

MSV Stone Entry


Natural Stone VS Veneer Stone

Natural stone is popular as it provides a beautiful look, and is a 100% natural quarried product that it is heavy, hard to cut and hard to source. Manufactured Stone Veneer is a concrete mixture cast in flexible molds and hand-colored with iron oxide pigments to resemble natural stone. It is lighter weight and easier to cut. Make sure not to confuse veneer stone with faux veneer stone, which is a high-density polymer product that feels closer to Styrofoam than to stone.

Whether you are looking for natural stone accents or manufactured stone veneer, we are able to install any stone or stone look product to your home. Call us today to get started on your project or for a free quote Vancouver: (360) 524-0858 or Portland: (503) 966-8787

MSV Stone Entrance
Outdoor Kitchen MSV Stone Details
Manufactured Stone Garden Planters
Pool Patio with MSV planters
Sean Kelly
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Sean Kelly is the COO & President of Cutting Edge Contracting. His background in business, accounting, and the construction industry helped him become the award-winning manager of a nationally-known paint company before joining Cutting Edge.

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