Expert Stone Masonry Services:
Enhancing Your Home with Timeless Beauty

Welcome to our expert stone masonry services page, where we take pride in providing exceptional craftsmanship and transforming your home with the enduring beauty of stone. As professional stone masonry contractors, we offer a wide range of services tailored to meet your specific needs. From stone fireplace installations, outdoor kitchens, natural stone masonry to manufactured stone veneers, we bring your vision to life with precision and artistry. Explore the services we offer below and discover how we can enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal.

3. Outdoor Stone Living Spaces:

Extend your living space to the great outdoors with our outdoor stone living spaces. Whether it’s a cozy stone patio, a charming stone walkway, or a picturesque stone retaining wall, we create outdoor areas that are both functional and visually striking. Our expertise lies in harmoniously blending natural stone elements with the surrounding landscape, resulting in inviting and enchanting spaces for relaxation and entertainment.

4. Stone Facades:

Enhance the beauty and character of your home’s facade with our stone facade services. Stone facades provide a timeless and sophisticated appeal, adding depth and texture to the exterior. Our skilled craftsmen meticulously install each stone, paying attention to every detail to achieve a flawless finish. With our expertise in architectural design and a variety of stone options, we can create a captivating facade that elevates your home’s overall aesthetic.

5. Stone Walkways:

Create a charming pathway through your garden or enhance the entrance to your home with our stone walkway installations. We carefully select and arrange stones to create visually appealing patterns and ensure durability. Our stone walkways offer a blend of functionality and elegance, guiding visitors through your outdoor space while adding a touch of natural beauty.

8. Natural Stone Masonry and Manufactured Stone Veneers:

We specialize in working with both natural stone and manufactured stone veneers, offering you a wide range of options to achieve your desired look. Natural stone masonry provides an authentic, eco-friendly, and organic appeal, while manufactured stone veneers offer versatility and cost-effectiveness. Our experienced team will guide you in selecting the best option for your project, ensuring a stunning result that exceeds your expectations.

1. Stone Fireplace Installations:

Immerse yourself in the cozy ambiance and captivating warmth of a stone fireplace. Our skilled artisans specialize in creating exquisite stone fireplaces that serve as the focal point of any room. Whether you desire a rustic, traditional look or a sleek, modern design, we work closely with you to select the perfect stone type and style, ensuring a fireplace that complements your home’s architectural aesthetic.

2. Stone Clad Exterior:

Transform the exterior of your home into a captivating masterpiece with our stone clad exterior services. Stone cladding is a refined or thin layer of natural or artificial stone, which is applied to an exterior wall, to give the effect that it is made entirely of stone. Natural stone is preferred for a more authentic, rustic and durable finish, however stone veneer gives the same look and feel with less weight and lower cost. Stone cladding adds texture, depth, and elegance to your house, making it stand out in the neighborhood. Our team meticulously installs each stone, ensuring a seamless integration with your home’s existing architecture. With a wide range of natural stone options available, we can create a stunning exterior that reflects your personal style and enhances curb appeal.

6. Stone Patios and Outdoor Kitchens:

Experience the ultimate outdoor oasis with our stone patio installations. From intimate gathering spaces to expansive entertainment areas, we design and construct stone patios and custom outdoor kitchens that perfectly suit your lifestyle. Our team considers factors such as layout, seating options, and stone selection to create a welcoming and durable patio that seamlessly integrates with your surroundings.

7. Stone Retaining Walls:

Add structure, stability, and visual interest to your landscape with our stone retaining wall contracting services. Whether you need to level a sloping yard or create terraced gardens, our skilled masons construct sturdy and aesthetically pleasing stone retaining walls. We carefully choose stones that complement the natural environment, ensuring a seamless integration that enhances the beauty of your outdoor space.

Portland Stone Work

At Cutting Edge Contracting, we are committed to delivering exceptional stone masonry services in the Portland Oregon Metro area that enhance the beauty and value of your home. Contact us or call us today to discuss your project and let us bring your vision to life with our expertise and craftsmanship.

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