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Luxury Hardscape Remodel: Part One

I wanted to share this video series highlighting a fabulous exterior remodel that we have in progress. This gorgeous house located in Southwest Washington boasts custom tempest fire torches. These torches create a little fire tornado and the more that they heat up, the flame rises all the way to the top.

We also showcase custom planter boxes and stackable stone details that you see all the way around the entire remodel. It’s really starting to come together, all the walls mirror image each other.

On the opposite sides of the property we have this awesome stamp concrete where all the borders came in all the way around. It’s a little bit harder to get this type of stamp all the way up to the corner so we had to get creative. At the end of the day, it looks absolutely gorgeous.

We still need to finish out the rail coming down the steps and then the planter boxes were actually poured with only about eight inches of concrete. They were just poured right on top with a little footing, and then we did the coping on top with a scratch space.

Instead of really smoothing it out and facing the concrete, they take a trowel and scratch it. That way, when we mortar the back of it there is actually something to place on top that it’ll bite into.

Outdoor Renovation Includes Custom Pool

The pool finally has water!  We were really concerned that it was a little bit too blue when we put the color inside of it. As you can see with the sunlight hitting down on it, now it looks really good!

We really struggled with what we wanted to do with the stairs and we’re actually really happy with our choice. So we did a trim split with the concrete and the stackable stone that split up the transition to that cinder block wall, versus coming all the way over. I love how it turned out.

Tapering stairs is one of the most popular stairs that you can do. I think this turned out really well, it’s so sturdy you could drive a side by side or a quad up this no problem. We must have used 200 bags of concrete inside of cinderblock with rebar on these stairs so they’re never going anywhere.

There are two other benches that we need to put in to finish off that area. The wall on the outside is about a 13 foot tall wall going down the entire length of the back patio, that was a very big project.

Custom Railing

I’ll tell you what I’m so proud of is this custom rail. It’s absolutely straight if you look all the way down this rail it’s dead on straight, that is the entire 140 feet all the way down, it’s beautiful!

There is a cap actually for an observation well. 15 to 16 feet below is the filtration. So this was crazy; we basically had to dig a giant hole about 15 by 10 and 15 feet deep. Then we had to fill it with fabric and drainage rock because we had an extra six thousand feet of hardscape surfaces and needed to be compliant with building code.

We are using granite that we put on the fire bowls and then in the kitchen we’re going to get fire glass that’s blue that matches exactly what that pool looks like. We’ll end up with 19 fire torches in this backyard.

So this is an overview that follows the video for part one of our 4 part series on this luxury outdoor hardscaping project. Look for Part Two, Part Three and Part Four coming soon.

Sean Kelly

About the author: Sean Kelly

Sean Kelly is the COO & President of Cutting Edge Contracting. His background in business, accounting, and the construction industry helped him become the award-winning manager of a nationally-known paint company before joining Cutting Edge.

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