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Save On Energy Bills With New Windows

Many Portland and Vancouver homeowners only replace windows when they are cracked or broken. This is a mistake! Windows need to be replaced for reasons other than because “they are broken.” Chief among these? To save you money.

In this month’s post, we’ll outline ways in which new windows can save your household money. Read on to see how you can start saving money today!

Energy Efficient Windows

The primary way new windows will save you money is that new windows are more energy efficient than older ones. Old windows will force your air conditioner and heating systems to work harder, increasing your heating and energy costs significantly.

Many older windows only have a single pane with poor insulating properties. New windows are made with more technologically advanced materials and UV coatings. They also have two, sometimes three, panes. These features keep the extreme temperatures outside and the climate controlled air inside, keeping you more comfortable and reducing energy costs.

These single pane windows are often found in older homes. Signs that your windows are not properly containing a home’s climate include….

  • Unexplained drafty rooms
  • Higher energy and heating bills than your neighbors
  • Lots of condensation on a window

If you live in an older home and are noticing these signs, it’s time to talk with an experienced window replacement contractor.

Rebates and Tax Credits

The US Federal Government offers tax credits when replacing windows that are energy efficient. This tax deduction is promoted by the government to reduce energy waste given the huge energy savings that energy efficient windows present.

Qualifying windows can be deducted 10% on your tax return up to $200. This, in addition to the money you will save not leaking heat and air-conditioned air from your home, will save you and your family serious cash.

Ready to Invest in New Windows Today?

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Clear Windows Will Make You Want To Open Your Blinds More

It seems obvious, but when you have nice things you tend to want to take advantage of them!
When you have nice, clear windows that are not filled with stains and scratches, you’re going to want to open them up more often and take advantage of natural light.

Natural light is known to improve your health and well being, and will make the time spent in your home more enjoyable. It will also decrease your reliance on your home’s lighting, meaning you’ll save money not flicking the light switch as much as you used to![/fusion_text]

Increase The Value of Your Home

Dirty, scratched windows can create a horrible first impression to anyone who might be interested in buying your home.

Anything that increases the overall aesthetic appeal of your home will help it’s value. Windows also have the added benefit of making your home more structurally sound as well. Homebuyers now expect homes to have modern and up-to-date windows, meaning they’ll likely take money off any offer since they’ll have to replace them sooner than later.

In addition to bringing down the appearance and overall aesthetic of your home, they’ll also make the potential buyer question how you’ve been taking care of the house. If the windows have not been properly maintained, what else hasn’t been taken care of? Is the siding okay? Are there leaks in the roof?

While you likely have been taking good care of your home in other ways, homebuyers do not want to questions these issues when making an offer. Don’t give them an excuse to move onto another home without making an offer.

Good Windows Will Make It Less Likely Someone Breaks Into Your Home

While it may not seem like something that you’d have to worry about, old windows can be a serious security issue. Windows are one of the top ways burglars enter homes, and not preparing your home for this reality could lead to serious consequences.

The ways windows are a security risk in your home:

  1. A broken or damaged window is a sign to a burglar that your home is potentially vulnerable. They might even take it as a sign that there are no security system.
  2. Older windows do not have as advanced locking systems, or maybe even no locks at all. Thieves know this, and will target a home with windows (or anything) that they think makes a home vulnerable.
  3. Older windows and window frames, even if locked, also present ways for opportunistic thieves to get into your home through dislodging pane or breaking apart the frame.

While a determined thief could break into any home, outfitting your Portland and Vancouver home with new windows will make it a lot harder on them to get in.

Replace Windows Before They Warp and Cause Further Damage

Old, warped window panes can cause damage to the frame itself, in addition to the home by letting moisture in via the space created by the warping. This can rot the frame, or worse cause mold, damaging the structural integrity of your home and creating a health hazard for you and your family.

The space also presents an opportunity for bugs and other critters, as they now have a space to get into your home. These bugs and pests can eat away at your frame or other parts of your home, causing serious damage and costing lots in repairs. Even if you catch the critters before they cause damage, you’ll have to spend money on pest control to get them out of your home.

Save Money (and Time) on Maintenance

Old windows generally are not easy to clean and maintain. Generally, years of wear and tear have caused them to accrue micro scratches that allow them retain dirt and debris easier. Even when you do clean them, the scratches and stains will make it impossible to actually make them clear with even the deepest clean.

New windows will look great and be easy to clean. They generally will have a protective coating allowing for easier scrubbing and cleaning. Plus, new windows generally have features designed to make them easier to clean – such as sashes that tilt in.

This ease of maintenance will make it so you can clean and maintain your windows yourself quickly and effectively.


Is It Time To Replace Your Windows?


Are you ready to bring your home to the 21st century? Cutting Edge Contractors know windows and what works here in the Pacific Northwest. We have energy efficient windows that will save you money and keep your home climate controlled and safe.

Give us a call at (360) 433-2803 or contact us today with any questions on how new windows can save money on your Portland and Vancouver home.


Sean Kelly

About the author: Sean Kelly

Sean Kelly is the COO & President of Cutting Edge Contracting. His background in business, accounting, and the construction industry helped him become the award-winning manager of a nationally-known paint company before joining Cutting Edge.

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